Terms of Use

The digitization of the documents of the exile part of the Hungarian Province (Section II) from the years 1948–1957 (from the subfond JTMRL I.5.a., i.e. Archives of the (Vice-) Provincial Curia of Section II) was carried out with the subsidy of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA). The database is accessible and free of charge for all after free registration.

The database can be browsed by subseries as well as searched by name of author and recipient, or by year.

The archival reference code of a given record can be found both in the database and the filename of the digitized document. If you want to use any of these records in your work, always mark their reference code as well. Before doing that, please, also consult the latest version of our register of fonds.

A detailed list of the contents of this database can be found in the Register, while a short description of the history of Section II under the title ‘Historical Introduction’.

Please send us your comments on database use by e-mail to leveltar[at]jezsuita.hu.