Instructions to use the Jesuit E-Archives

E-Archives use

Please click here to check the table of the digitalized images prepared for online research, i.e. the detailed list of available documents. With the help of that, after proper consulting you can decide if you want to register for our image browsing/research service.

The e-research service is available only after registration, about which you can read under the next point more extensively. Registration makes the unlimited view of uploaded images possible within the subscribed registration period. There is, however, a restriction on the number of downloadable image files: it is indicated below how many images a researcher may download from the image viewer service on their computer when choosing from different registration options.

Researchers are advised to check the detailed register of our digitalized images before registration to find out whether the material they look for is available in our E-Archives. If you have any questions in connection with the E-Archives, do not hesitate to contact our Archives staff.


If you want to use our electronic archives service, you must register on our website first. Please click on this link to do it.

When you register, you have three options to choose from as follows:

  • 15 day insight browsing access (for short period data searches) – 30 downloadable images (jpg file) – HUF 1,000 registration fee
  • 3 month research access – 100 downloadable images (jpg file) – HUF 2,000 registration fee
  • One year (12 months) research access – 400 downloadable images (jpg file) – HUF 6,000 registration fee.

The registration fees shown above are due from 1st January 2017 and the 27% VAT is included.

All three types of access apply to every digitalized record published. In January 2017 this was app. 17,000 digital pictures, but their amount is growing constantly. The restricted quantity of downloadable images refers to the number of photos to be selected by users for downloading as jpg files and saving on their personal computer. The online registration form will inform you about the possibilities of registration fee payment.

Online research can be started after the feedback from us on receiving the registration form and the payment of the registration fee. Processing your registration fee or receiving the financial statement from the bank may require some days; your patience will be requested for this procedure. You can accelerate the registration process, if you send us the copy of your fee payment receipt by e-mail, thus we don’t have to wait for the accounting work of the bank that may last several days.

Should you have any questions, contact our Archives staff prior to registration by phone or e-mail