Conditions of e-research and researcher statement

By submitting the registration request I hereby declare that I have read and accepted the registration conditions and the research regulation of the Archives of the Hungarian Province of the Society of Jesus. I acknowledge and accept that the username and password that have been issued for e-research as well as the internet access provided for the online service of the Archives of the Hungarian Province of the Society of Jesus [further as Jesuit Archives] are only valid for the person whose name is indicated on the registration form and for a limited period. Each User receives a „single user” access that cannot be shared. The right and opportunity of research cannot be transferred and it is strictly forbidden to publish the access codes (user identifiers) or to pass them on to other persons. Researchers are obliged to manage their username and password as cautious as possible and make sure that those are not available to others. The Archives are entitled to follow the diagnostics of the internet service providing system (user entries, data traffic, IP addresses, etc.), and have the right to suspend User’s access on suspicion of illegal use, or even to withdraw it as a result of evident abuse. Content and digital images that are part of the online service of the Jesuit Archives are property of the Archives and can be used via its website or internet system exclusively. Watermarked digital images are forbidden to be copied, recorded on any electronic data storage device, printed, passed on or spread in any way without Owner’s consent. If any documents of the Jesuit Archives are published or used for publications, proper reference must be made to them based on the Archives’ register. Should a researcher/publisher publish data that violate personal rights, they will have to bear the full criminal and civil (financial) as well as moral responsibility for their action. Being aware of my liability under the Criminal Code I hereby declare that my data given on the registration form are correct. I take note that the registration is completed when I have paid the requested service charge and accepted the conditions of e-research use, after which the Archives have notified me about receiving the amount and the form via e-mail. The electronic approval of the registration is valid without signature. The Archives take liability for handling all personal researcher/user identification data acquired during the registration process inside its own registration system. The data collected at registration shall not be leaked and the registry is kept safe. I acknowledge and accept the Archives’ provisions in connection with publications and personal data protection.